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Miss J, you're a knowledgeable honest and hardworking person who have helped countless people, don't let idiots like those get to you, at the end of the day it's was you really did that counts, not what some pathetic loser would falsely say about you. Maxillofacial Surgery; 'Max-Fax' surgery No Access Board for 'bone cutting' surgeries, in particular, Orthognathic surgery aimed at balancing the jaws. Tempsure and Meibomian Eye gland disorder etc Nassif and she was aware that I would have reacted to her message.

Miss j facial plastic surgery
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Miss j facial plastic surgery
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He abuses message boards by signing up with multiple screen names to give the appearance he is 'many people' all with the same whining complaint about Nassif. Insider or internal topics not meant for public view. LASER type devices.

Miss j facial plastic surgery
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Why don't you just whine to the world under MORE multi-IDs and tell them how terrible it is that message board owners won't let you on with zillion different IDs to pretend to be a zillion different people all complaining about Nassif or Miss J. Then maybe 3 of his other names will get on to talk to themselves about Nassif. You won't want to miss our Annual Meeting which will be held on. A place where people with knowledge about cosmetic products can exchange info with people who want to know more about them.

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Miss j facial plastic surgery
Miss j facial plastic surgery
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Miss j facial plastic surgery

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